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Britta Schwartz at Cincinnati Reds game! August 3, 2012

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Steroids in Baseball

Anabolic steroids are a synthetic version of the male hormone testosterone. In it’s normal state, testosterone boosts muscle growth. But when it is supplemented with steroids, you have an increase of muscle mass and enhanced endurance.

It is used by athletes to try to have that extra edge over the competition. Steroid side effects include mood swings, depression, roid rage, violence, aggression, hair loss/growth, acne, liver damage and the most severe…cancer. Read more »

Cincinnati Reds, Apr 10 Recipient Mother

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SCG to host season opener

Peter Moylan, the former Los Angeles Dodgers and Atlanta Braves pitcher, thinks that the season opening MLB game at the SCG might be a huge tipping point for the popularity of baseball in Australia. The important factor is how much better the live experience becomes compared to seeing matches on television.

Speaking to a leading newspaper, Peter Moylan told that this is a totally different ball game. When you go there you see how hard people throw, you see how good people’s hands are in the infield and you see how fast guys run. More than that, there is an excitement a person gets with different music – the on-field promotions and the announcers that they do. This would make many people a baseball fan.

Peter Moylan, born in Perth, is very keen to play for Australia in the lead-up matches against Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers, but he could be back to the United States if everything goes as per plan and he gets a new MLB team to carry on  his magnificent career.

More than a dozen teams are ready to get the service of the thirty four year old player. He became the very 1st Brave to pitch 80 or more matches in 2 MLB seasons (in 2007-80 as well as in 2009-87). In the year 2012, injury slowed down his progress and he went to Dodgers previous year before he was released this year.