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Jay Bruce Tribute

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Dick Sipek of the Cincinnati Reds

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Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tigers playing in final game of the 1940 World Series…HD Stock Footage

Cincinnati Reds Movie Score: / five

White Sox signs Emilio Bonifacio to US$ 4 million deal

White Sox have accorded to a 1 year, US$ 4 million deal with utility baseball player Emilio Bonifacio, as 1st suggested by FOXSports. As per Bruce Levine (, the contract also includes a US$ 4 million option for this year which could push the contracts total value to US$ 8 million.

29 year old Bonifacio had a real great season with Cubs and Braves in the year 2014, uploading a .259/.305/.345 line with 3 home runs as well as 24 RBI in 110 matches. He seemed at each outfield place as well as each infield place except the first base, continuing to show that he is one of the most versatile baseball players in the league. Read more »

Chicago Cubs-Cincinnati Reds 4/23/09

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