REDS Peanuts Vendor: What are you selling???

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Princess Haya’s Decision Rocks The World Of Equestrian Sport

Princess Haya of Jordan the president of the Equestrian sport for the world governing body surprised the sporting fraternity by declaring her decision of leaving the governing body this year. She was the president of the federation for 8 years i.e. she was ruled for 2 terms of 4 years each. The princess was most favoured and expected to continue it for yet another 4 years but her announcement shook the equestrian sport. The porting fraternity was shocked by the decision as she will be leaving a pace which is tough to be filled by any other. She was successful in her work and took the sport at a position which was never dreamt off.

In the past 8 years the sport gained all its success commercially and gained a good amount of money. She was able to earn a whooping one hundred and fifty million euros for the sport. She was the one responsible for commercializing this sport and take it to a better place. It was under her governance that the Federation got its new headquarters shifted to Switzerland. Her tenure as the president was not a clean one rather it was a bumpy one in the past 2 years. She was charged in the case of doping and also a charge was filed for not taking a good care of the horses.

She herself was an Olympian in the sport and while announcing her decision she also shared her experience at the top position. She in the press conference declared that it was not an easy ride. She also shared the way she grew up with the horses. In the press conference she also said that the factors that led her to his decision were impossible to ignore. It was her commitment for the two terms as the president weighed heavily on her and thus she ended up doing her job well. The sport of equestrian will surely miss her services.

April 3, 2013 – Los Angeles Angels vs. Cincinnati Reds

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Cincinnati Reds: Past and Present

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Cincinnati Is A Baseball Town

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Highlights of the first few weeks of MLB season 2014

An early season of 2014 MLB from April- May keeps the viewers to a 5 week action packed gaming experience. But when the season has begun all sorts of predictions, statistics, trends and discussions now focus on the game. Headlines give an all round report of the games. A dark horse team rises to the occasion with surprising players in the backyard.

Surprise from the athletes of Oakland- they tend to rise from the ashes whenever they are under pressure and this time is no different where after losing the two starting games they are able to keep a firm head in the Al West competition. With two arm injuries of A. J. Griffin and Jarrod Parker they have the best score rate in the league of America. Their success is predictable but in an unpredictable manner.

Rise of the Francisco Rodriguez has attained a dominant status. Irrespective of being 32 years of age he still has a lot of power left and the spectators are rooting for him. Yasiel Puig, the outfielder of the Dodger of the Los Angeles is a winning sensation no matter how many terms being added to his name. Arguably his winning percentage is more that speaks for him. Even Joel Harahan will get a chance in Detroit to participate after the injury.

Although anomalies are part of any game but what is appearing on the surface is that athletics from Oakland remain to hit the jackpot while others such as angels of Los Angeles, Tigers of Detroit, Royals of Kansas City remaining in top 5 whereas trailing behind in the bottom are Indians of Cleveland and Houston Astros based on the win loss record and presumption of the matches in April. An exciting time for MLB up ahead.